The performances are drawn from the same source, “Dunk,” a full-length play channeled by research on hydrotherapy, especially in Modern France. The scenes come up with wishy-washy metaphors for water. They wish, and then they wash. They don’t work out. Anyway, the play could well be put on, but that’s a draining process I’d rather put off. It’s been through the wringer, and has been left out to dry. Squirt is a performance installation that lets action take the plunge, and sets aside the action’s text like a towel.

presented at Galerie VAV
Aug 2016

created and performed by: Michael Martini, Burcu Emeç, Jack Dexter, Peter Shaw;
visual dramaturgy and technical support by Roxa Hy

based on the text Dunk by Michael Martini






photos: Anthony Kennedy; video: Anthony Kennedy; montage Michael Martini